This is "me" in my Diablo Roadie/Photographer guise!



Welcome to my smug site. I live near Newcastle in the North East of England.

I really enjoy taking photographs and as you can see I have a pretty broad brush aspect to what I shoot. I try to avoid the obvious - but sometimes fail - then I go and try again!!

There are a few main themes - Chloe & Olivia - My Grandchildren. The beautiful Northumberland area I live in and do lots of gig photography including being "photographer in residence" it seems for local band Diablo!)

Feel free to let me know what you think of my photographs - just hit the "Add Comment" button under any of the photos.

Finally, If anything happens to me - don't let my wife sell my gear for what I told her it cost!!!!

Thanks for looking! If you want I can be contacted on